Monday, 1 September 2014

make love not fashion

Berlin-based designers Karen Jessen, Anna Bach and
Luis C. Zuniga are the masterminds behind Benu Berlin,
a label which is considered the herald of eco fashion
using exclusively upcycling techniques or materials from
textile surfeit. Karen started off as a sustainable designer
with the much lauded 'Diploma' collection turning worn
shirts and jeans into 'street couture' garments building
the basis of Benu Berlin's approach.

”We love to experiment with different techniques like
braiding or macramé and to get inspired by the soul of
every item; special stitching, washings and handcrafted
details” the B.B. design team declares adding that ”all 
the items are developed and produced in our manufactory
at Benu Ranch. Even scraps turn into elaborate fabric
manipulations and structures. Benu Berlin proposes a
diagonal view on fashion by creating expressive textures
from decomposed and disused materials the designers
reintegrate into a cycle which otherwise would have 
been disrupted in the ever accelerating process 
of buying and throwing away.”

> campaign and lookbook images © by Ryuichiro Louis Iijima <
The eco-label's first ever RTW collection for s/s 2015, wittily
called ”Make Love Not Fashion”, debuted on the runway of
'Showfloor Berlin', the Berliner catwalk of Berlin fashion week,
showing unique crafted pieces: old military apparel converted
into lovely everyday garments, plissé made from discarded
parachutes and structured leather creations in coral, lime 
green and earthy hues. Benu Berlin definitely knows how 
to turn sustainability into the latest fad!

> catwalk images © by Mehdi Bahmed <

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