Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Robert Wun's design ingenuity

Glad to be back with the amazing creations of Robert Wun,
a young Hong Kong born designer who settled down to
London where he undertook a womenswear BA course
at London College of Fashion graduating in 2012 with
'Burnt', a collection of burning fabrics incorporating the
asymmetrical defects seen in butterflies and moths which
instantly became the hallmark of his design ingenuity.
Robert briskly developed a sophisticated, a bit futuristic
vision ”through innovative manufacturing yet with uncompro-
mising attention to traditional values” as he states.

”The chaotic interplay between Nature and artificial forms
is the centre of the design ethos through resourcing in the
novelty of nature and the revolutionary forms of the artificial
world...” he introduces his own approach to high-end clothing
which is a constant play with proportions, curved lines,
geometrical shapes and gorgeous details. Robert Wun's
AW 14-15 collection, called 'Volt', is a tribute to Japanese and
African tailoring that explores ”the discovery of energy and how
it interacts and inspires us and our culture practices...” he told
the press adding that ”Japanese and African are the two main
resources regarding the silhouette and the ideas I developed
are actually based on the admiration of those cults for the 
sun as the main source of energy in the universe.”

Visually striking, 'Volt' examines nature's inborn energy showing
original garments plenty of tailoring ideas and details worn over
incredible mannish platform boots in pony skin referencing ice
skating boots while nylon tubes suggest the veins inside our
body in two couture dresses aptly called 'the Vein Dresses'.
Wun's manifest adeptness has been recently recognized by
the world of cinema, he came to create lightweight suits for
an advert directed by renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Wong
Kar-Wai and was approached by the makers of 'Hunger Games'
as the guest designer of 'Mockingjay', the third chapter of the
story designed so far by Vivienne Westwood and Sarah Burton.
Wun has definitely the style it takes!

> all images © by Sebastian Abugattas <

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