Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ooh, glossy lady

Valeska Jasso Collado is a young fashion designer
born in Hamburg who entered London's University of
Westminster attaining her MA with a playfully brave
graduate collection which is wacky and glossy as no
other, plenty of gripping shapes and where pleats are
bolted with steel screws and chrome washers.

Deeply inspired both by the eye-popping postmodern
aesthetic of the Memphis Group design movement
established in Milan in the early 1980s by architect and
designer Ettore Sottsass conceiving furniture and interior
design from the point of view that 'form doesn't automatically
follow function' and by the work of ceramic artist Ben Fiess,
Valeska's ccllection looks like a style utterance 
focused on voluminous yet clean shapes.

She gave birth to her sculptural, glossy silicon-lacquered
garments in pastel hues and quirky geometric silhouettes
by skillfully combining metal, foam and latex. She started
using foam to build her playful shapes but was soon in need
to find a stretchy fabric mate to make them shine and she
came to choose latex. Helped by her father, Valeska carefully
developed her foam-latex showy experimental outfits with
futuristic huge hoop skirts and step-in saggy dresses where
outsized pleats in contrasting colors are smartly 
fastened with screws and bolts.

A stimulating collection which is actually a feast for the
eyes, thus it couldn't go unnoticed: only four weeks after
the college's graduate show, Valeska was offered a job
in Paris by Jacquemus where she now lives hoping to
start working on her own designs, too. She will certainly
develop more wearable garments in all likelihood 
with more comfortable materials from now on.

lookbook images © by Marek Puć
graduate show images (3,4,7) © by Evie Parazite

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