Sunday, 24 August 2014

fixing up the perfectly imperfect

Young fashion jewelry designer Qian Yang, the mastermind
behind the 'YQY Jewellery' label, graduated from London
College of Fashion with a breathtaking collection all played
around the concept of 'repair' through the Japanese art of
'Kintsugi', the fixing of broken pottery with laquer or gold
highlighting cracks and repairs as typical events of the
object's life in order to embrace the flawed and imperfect.

Called 'The Ceramics Repair Collection', the impressive set
shows second-hand and already broken porcelain pieces
repaired with 24-karat gold plated metal. ”It is a collection 
full of fun and I added extra preciousness to these ceramic 
pieces” Qian unassumingly declared, yet her gold-dipped
 porcelain figures look wondrous.

> all images © YQY Jewellery, from the label's fb page <

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