Tuesday, 22 July 2014

one more wizard coming from Kiev

Thankfully, lots of new fashion talents keep on growing
up in war-torn Ukraine and their work is more and more
part and parcel of the global fashion biz. Kiev-based
young fashion designer, stylist and visual artist
Yana Chervinska studied at the local National University
of Technologies and Design graduating last year 
soon after the creation of her own label lately 

Chervinska's latest collection is a skilled exercise in
shapes and colors, a compendium of her understanding
of clothing through the glass of art and design history,
namely the paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 
(even if the beautiful model, Evgenia Migovich, to my
eyes looks like a pop Alice in Wonderland coming
back from afternoon tea wearing a hat as a souvenir),
that emphasizes her innovative approach making visible
the aesthetic research behind it: supple pale-toned outfits
with sinuous lines, sculpted volumes, embroideries and
pleats worn with gorgeous soft wizard-like hats and
chunky coordinated platforms. A true statement 
of simplicity and straightforwardness.

> all images © by Yulia Zhdan, styled by Yana Chervinska <

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