Tuesday, 29 July 2014

nevertheless, time waits for no one

A picture is worth a hundred words, nevertheless
you've got to read the story behind it to grasp what
you're staring at: here comes the hopeful story of
young earthlings living in a dreary epoch but dressed
to the nines by London-educated Korean designers
Steve J and Yoni P who graduated from Central Saint
Martins and London College of Fashion respectively
to establish in due course the eponymous upscale
label which is mostly focused on character printing
expressing ”its unique wit and characteristic through
high casual and contemporary taste embedded in
fashionable outers, denims and silky 
and feminine dresses.”

'Steve J and Yoni P' provides a sophisticated take on
streetwear through collections inspired by social and
even political issues stressing the need for freedom
in everyday fashion through gripping design ideas and
a good sense fo humor. The label's fall/winter 2014-15
collection, called 'Nevertheless Time Goes', has been
conceived by the clueful duo as ”the story of a hopeful
journey of young people living in a depressing era.”

'Nevertheless' combines prints and patterns with florals,
pinstripes and camouflage in appealing outfits: comfy
patterned overcoats and biker jackets are worn over
knee-length polka-dot dresses while faux fur is used
for fleecy jackets, mittens and clutches in a palette of
black and ivory, green and navy with touches of khaki
and glitter. All images from Steve J and Yoni P's
collection campaign from Seoul fashion week's
website, uncredited photographer, alas.

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