Thursday, 31 July 2014

Miriam Ponsa's hard-working women

Barcelona-based designer Miriam Ponsa takes us
to an Arabian journey with her latest collection: the
graduate of Southampton University, UK, whose
collections are born and bred products of Catalunya
- each garment is produced in local workshops
strengthening ”values like endeavor, teamwork and
authenticity are important to her as well as the recovery
of traditional handicraft techniques”
- emphasizes
once again her distinctive approach as well as 
her social commitment.

Miriam Ponsa's s/s 2015 ”Dones Mulas” (mule-women)
collection is also an outcry of dissent being inspired
by the women porters of Melilla - the Spanish enclave
in northern Morocco - who smuggle heavy loads of goods
across the border in conditions of semi-slavery (some of
them make 3 or 4 trips a day carrying up to 80 kg. tightly 
wrapped around the body) and that's why hand woven
slings, i.e., ribbons and laces play the leading role: ”the
pieces are created using the arts of basketry, macramé,
rug weaving, braiding and knotting. The knotted strings 
symbolize the porters and the condition of slavery 
they are subjected to” she explains.

Clothes and backpacks of her mule-women are made
from cotton 'Cotó Roig', 'Red Cotton', the project devised
by two women, Rosa and Ángela, soon after the
murderous accident in a textile factory in Bangladesh,
to prevent cotton grown in Spain to go to Asian countries
prior to come back exported in cheap quality garments.
Cotó Roig provides sustainable homemade threads to
Catalan tailors and designers controlling the whole
process from farming to manufacturing without the
exploitation of natural resources and vulnerable workers.

Miriam's 'Dones Mulas' was recently awarded the
'080 Award' at the14th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion
week, the annual event that highlights Catalonia's
creativity showcasing the work of renowned 
designers and budding talents.

Miriam Ponsa posing with the 2014's '080BFW' Award
all images © 080 Barcelona Fashion

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