Thursday, 17 July 2014

mad as a hatter

My beloved readers' eyes must miss nothing while
scrupulously patrolling the narrow boundary between
art and fashion design and I bet the spooky creations
of a young 'mad hatter', Romanian-born fashion and
accessories designer Dinu Bodiciu, will make 
them squeal with delight.

The London-based designer, a graduate of London
College of Fashion who previously completed a BA
in graphic design in Bucharest and worked as a
costume and stage setting designer for independent
theater companies, focuses his search on the
interaction between body and garments and made
a name for himself with his mask-like hats. Dinu
always plays with shapes and materials: his latest
couture headwear collection, called 'There is no
name', is perfectly balanced between experimentation
and play with gripping visual illusions made working
with a range of materials from synthetic 
resin to human hair.

”I hope people can find my designs uncanny rather  
than futuristic” Dinu declared stressing the nature of
his unearthly head/mouth/eyepieces with translucent
squared or octopus-shaped forms which all at once
reinterpret the whole concept of head covering and
couture millinery or whatever else you like to call it.
What will Dinu pick out of his own hat next time?

> all images © by Alexandra Boanta <

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