Saturday, 14 June 2014

mind-blowing knickknackery

”That's for sure a fresh take on recycling!” I said to
myself stumbling across the impressive portraits of
richly adorned she-warriors wearing suits made with
objects of everyday life. Fully amazed by their strong
stylistic approach keenly investigating the idea of power,
its ambiguity and attractiveness, and the thought of losing
personal identity, I waded through the jaw-dropping
images conceived by Marie Rime.

Born in Charmey, Switzerland, young gifted photographer
Marie Rime graduated from the Ecole Cantonale d'Art
(ECAL) in Lausanne, the beautiful town on Lake Geneva's
northern shore where she currently lives and works, soon
making waves with her conceptual approach to portraiture
and her carefully constructed masks and costumes.
Her striking photo series actually began as an art school
project briskly evolving into a wider exploration of the
concept of power and hence the status of women.

Two of Rime's photographic series made last year
and called 'Armures' (suits of armor) and 'Symètrie de
Pouvoir' (symmetry of power) show eye-catching visuals
made with a quirky set of ordinary objects [strange how,
while browsing through them, I was listening to Matmos
live from Barcelona's Sónar Festival, the 'sampladelic' duo 

from San Francisco whose 'songs' are often played using 
objects as unconventional instruments]. 'Armures'
represent women wearing armor-like creations produced
with daily life stuff that ”are the starting points of a
reflection of the relationship between power, war and
ornament. These women loose their identity and 

become the carrier of their clothing” Marie states.

The 'Symètrie de Pouvoir' series shows Rime's exploration
of power, ”its means of representations and their relation
to symmetry. The butterfly has been chosen for its natural
symmetrical state. These have been painted and placed on
the top of portraits and thus creating a multi-layered 

image that shows the excess of decoration” she declared. 

Marie won the people's choice award at the 29th Interna-
tional Festival of Fashion and Photography annually held 
in Hyères, France, with her theatrical outfits and colorful
geometries made by using the most common household
objects such as party straws, toothpicks, tweezers, board
games pieces or with fake buttefly wings of different sizes
whose brightly colored scales provide otherwordly 
textures concealing the wearer's individuality.

> all images © by Marie Rime <

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