Thursday, 5 June 2014

Latvian mythological crowns

I was suddenly struck by the beauty of a red-headed
model, her face painted white to accentuate the gorgeous
headpiece she wears, that subtly evoked to my eyes
a young Nordic princess wearing a quirky textile crown
with a trace of the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa so
I decided to find out what's behind the kicky picture.

Designed and realized by VARIANT - the newly established
multidisciplinary design studio based in Riga and London,
practicing contemporary design, architecture and interactive
installations founded by Latvian designers Arthur Analts and
Rudolph Strelis - the stunning collection, called 'The Mask',
was commissioned by Latvian fashion brand 'USI SUSI'
to create a range of mythological-inspired headpieces.

”The 'Mask' collection consists of six head accessories,
each with its own spirit, personality and story. The essence
of the mythological creatures is captured in each mask
through particularly developed patterns that are created
from specifically selected Kvedrat Steelcut-Trio fabric...”,
VARIANT studio states. They turned flat lines into fine
3-D shapes with straight or winding forms, absolutely
without offcuts, skillfully combining bright color shades
with raw sticthes and expressive textures.

Each head ornament has been designed for each day of
the week like masks of forest spirits living ”in the primeval
forests of the north, in the deepest and most unspoilt forests
on earth...” USI SUSI's woodland spirits are ”wild and magical,
they do good, do mischief, rage and sing, whistle and dance
(...) They are fire sprites, elves, wolves, fairies, gnomes, 

 foxes, ogres, devils.” Latvian mythology-inspired creatures
mark the days of the week starting with the dragon followed
by the horse, the frog, the bird, the wolf and the devil, the
symbol of feral nature and material values, right before
(Sunday?) when you're free to be yourself. Anyway, any
woman wearing one of these textile crowns is always
free to be herself from head to toe.

> all images © by VARIANT Studio for USI SUSI <

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