Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ioana Ciolacu's elegant paradox

'Ioana Ciolacu' is a RTW womenswear label based
in Bucharest, Romania, whose creations blur ”the
lines between femininity and masculinity, with an
emphasis on tailoring, a personal use of materials
and custom developed techniques” as its namesake
founder, London-based Romanian designer Ioana
Ciolacu Miron, proudly states.

Born and raised in Iaşi, Ioana is a fashion designer
with a background in architecture and art, a former
graduate of Bucharest's University of Architecture
and Urban Planning, she gained her BA in fashion
design a year later from Unarte before getting a
scholarship at London College of Fashion in 2013
where she's currently attending a womenswear
MA course and where she's sharpening up her skills
while gaining self-confidence both as a designer
and a businesswoman.

Ioana Ciolacu continues to explore the relationship
between the static nature of buildings and the fluid
structure of outfits and blurs the line between luxury 

 and street walk in each of her collections”, the label's
statement reads introducing ”a signature style of
architectural input”. Called 'Paradox 2.0', the label's
latest AW 2014-15 collection skillfully investigates
the idea of a contradictory statement by juxtaposing
fabrics and prints on extremely feminine shapes
applying men's wear tailoring techniques for the
jackets. I have to confess that I came to rearrange
all the pictures in order to keep a close eye on Ioana's
exquisite garments in truth altering the significance of
the round-shaped images (thus beggin' her mercy).

> all images from Ioana Ciolacu's website <

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