Friday, 20 June 2014

in a state of mindfulness

I always knew the acronym AWOL in its original meaning,
Absent Without Official Leave, but now Singaporean
practiced designer Alfie Leong - the mastermind behind
'A.W.O.L.' and 'Mu' labels - gives a new signification with his
'All Walks Of Life', referring I presume, to the different type
of women who fall in love with his youthful idea of clothing.

Leong graduated in 1998 from Raffles LaSalle Int'l School
of Design soon setting up his own label to create by 2004
a company called 'The Little Voice Pte Ltd' with its two
labels, Mu and A.W.O.L.: the first offering unique yet
affordable looks in a genuine East meets West style,
while A.W.O.L. embodies refined yet extremely wearable
garments in a very contemporary design. Alfie Leong
believes in fashion as a way of life in which everyone
deserves to make his voice heard, regardless of gender,
race, religion or age, producing cozy garments meant
for people from all walks of life merging ”the boundaries
between creativity and practicality fusing a diverse world
inspirations and cultures...” as the label's statement goes. 

All my doubts about meaning went AWOL when I
stumbled upon the label's fall-winter 2014-15 collection
called 'State of Mindfulness' that has been showcased
together with the collections by three other emerging 
Singaporean talents at Seoul fashion week's brand
new venue, the Dongdaemun Design Park designed
by archistar Zaha Hadid, and lately at the Audi Fashion
Festival, one of the most iconic lifestyle events in
Singapore that brings under one roof exciting Asian
designers alongside world-class fashion houses.

Playing with volumes, layerings and drapings, Leong
brings into being original designs and shapes for his
all-purpose outfits with riveting silhouettes, enveloping
necklines and a striking combination of sophisticated
fabrics and technical materials, graphic patterns and
functional details subtly highlighting the label's expertise
in draping techniques. Optical dresses, shiny puffer and
comfy patterned woollen coats, cropped jackets in
which zippers help create the shape are accessorized
with gloves and stunning hats and fascinators of different
materials, from feathers to metallic bands. 
I'm indeed mindful of A.W.O.L.'s distinctive style.

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