Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Yasya's sporty way to optimism

Ukraine is sadly in the eyes of the world these days after
months of political turmoil and the latest deadly clashes
are quite terrifying but a road map to end the crisis will
be hopefully adopted soon. Anyway, a clear signal that
life goes on despite the social unrest is the work 
of up-and-coming Ukrainian designers.

Yasya Minochkina's AW 2014 collection stands out as a sign
of optimism, a fresh and extremely wearable sport-inspired
collection referencing the works of Irish artist Kevin Francis
Gray addressing the complex relationship between abstraction
and figuration and the American painter Peter Alexander who's
actually best known for his translucent resin sculptures, 
through basic pieces whose silhouettes combine 
influences of the 1960s and 90s.

Clean feminine looks, bold color shades - bottle green,
deep blue, orange and pale pink paired with plain black and
ivory - skillfully juxtaposing natural silk, wool and polyamide
with leather, chiffon and technical materials with a good deal
of nets and metallics in a balanced game of textures. Elegant 
directional tailoring and quality fabrics (sourced from Europe
and Japan) give birth to A-line coats, pencil and turtle neck
dresses, pleated midi skirts and oversized sweatshirts.

At the beginning of the year, Yasya came to Florence to
participate in Pitti W, Pitti Immagine's side event and later
on she took part in London fashion week alomgside of five
emerging Ukrainian designer, did Fashion Scout showroom
in Paris and showcased her bright collection at Moscow
fashion week and lately at Kiev fashion days
Her talent proves that there're some grounds 
for optimism in troubled Ukraine.

> all images © by Erik Panov <

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