Friday, 23 May 2014

riding on the ”Shanghai Express”

Let's take a travel through time ideally boarding the old
Shanghai  Express train ferry thanks to luxury accessories
designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal who ”began designing
from her love of fashion and the art of corsetry”
as she
states. ”Charlotte took her passion to Cordwainers, the
world-renowned college for footwear and accessories in London. 
Here she was able to explore her interests alongside technical 
training in the art of making beautiful shoes...”

Soon after graduating, the young designer founded her
own label, 'Charlotte-Olympia', mostly a shoe label which
is carefully spreading out its wings designing trés chic
leather handbags. The label became synonymous with
classic sophistication and great attention to detail - each
single shoe is crafted by hand in Italy using the finest
materials and comes smartly signed with a gold spider's
web on the sole - now developing four seasonal collections
a year, including ”Encore”, a collection of signature
silhouettes available all year round and the recently
launched ”Tailor Made” bespoke service.

Charlotte-Olympia's latest collection takes us on a colorful
journey through centuries of Chinese culture in a profusion
of red tones, textures and shapes: called ”Shanghai Express”
being inspired by ancient dynasties, the fall-winter 2014
collection shows gorgeously exclusive pieces such as red
lacquered, hand painted shoes referencing Ming vases,
Han ankle boots, peep-toe pumps and ballet flats with 
embroideries, dragon and water lily-shaped heels
embellished with aplliqués and glaring sequins.

Charlotte Olympia is definitely a designer who loves statement 
shoes, her creations drive a wedge between shoemaking and
wearable art: she can turn a retro look into a modern, up-to-date
fancy and she's now measuring her talent drawing leather
clutches and handbags that are quite posh even when they
look like traditional paper fans or boxy takeout containers.
Mighty grand!

> all images © by Vogue Germany's Julia Malysch <

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