Sunday, 4 May 2014

paper supper's ready!

Paper sculpture is a true art but beware: it may turn
you ravenously hungry more than astonished when
you look at the artworks made by 'Zim & Zou'. The
French, Nancy-based polyvalent creative studio was
founded by Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann
who, with a degree in visual communication and graphic
design, started making waves through stunning paper
creations: sculptures, three-dimensional installations
and illustrations with a peculiar quirky style.

images 1 & 2 from Icon magazine, 2012

”Rather than composing images on a computer, they
prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos
out of them...”
Z&Z's artistic statement reads ”... their choice
of paper is due to the versatility and good quality of the
material, especially when it is sculpted and photographed.”

The gifted duo owns an impressive portfolio with numerous
handmade works embracing a number of subjets and
techniques but they are actually known for their 
gorgeous magazine covers.

images 3 > 6 from Fricote magazine, 2014
They dared to imagine a 3-D food printer releasing a colorful
burger for 'Icon' n°104 - ”one of the world's finest architecture
and design magazines”
- that explored the future of food by
probing into the ”overlooked world of food design” while for
'Fricote' magazine issue #14 - about comfort food and its
supplement 'Japan Eat Good' exploring the use of Japanese
products in European cooking - Z&Z not only created a yummy
roasted chicken garnished with tiny mushrooms and lemon
slices but even the cooking pot and the gas stove. 
Z&Z's take on food for thought.

image 7, illustration for Factum's BBQ 2013
all images © by Zim and Zou studio

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