Sunday, 11 May 2014

not all mothers are happy

”Bring back our girls” and ”Rescue our Chibok girls” are just
two of the sentences written on signboards or shouted out by
more than 500 women who rallied in Abuja - the city in central
Nigeria built to replace Lagos as the national capital - two weeks
after 234 female students were kidnapped from their boarding
school in Chibok by Islamic militants. Most of them have been
missing ever since because only 50 girls managed to run away
but my blood freezes at the thought of how these girls and their
mothers will spend Mother's Day: that's why I want to share
a couple of images taken at the rally by social documentary
photojournalist Tom Saater whose work is mostly focused on
reportage, urban portraits and social issues. Let's honor mothers
and motherhood asking for the Chibok girls to be liberated!

both images © by Tom Saater for BuzzFeed

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