Friday, 9 May 2014

monochromatic unisex universe

Here comes the second post in a row with stark black & white
pictures yet it could not be otherwise with South Korean young
designer Hachung Lee who has a real thirst for tailoring and
a strong penchant for monochrome looks. Lee made waves
with his debut collection inspired by uniforms and armors of
bygone Korean warriors while he was studying at London
College of Fashion - he was selected among 15 budding
designers to present his work at Who's Next and Premiere Classe
in 2011 - where later on he obtained a BA (Hons) in fashion design
technology, menswear, founding his eponymous label in 2012.

”Hachung Lee focuses on a subdued color palette and clean
silhouettes so that each piece is perfectly suited for easy daily wear.
Great care goes into selection of specialty fabrics and hardware,
as well as the initial pattern making and inclusion of unique subtle

 details in each garment” he writes introducing his style. Lee's
fall-winter 2014 collection shows tailored anatomical shapes for
both men and women subtly heightened by the gorgeously etched
black-and-white pictures taken by formerly based in NYC South
Korean filmmaker and photographer Nikki Seung-hee Lee.

Hachung Lee's newest body of work is a convincing demonstration
of his talent: layerings, asymmetric lenghts and hems, 
unconventionally placed darts, small dainty details like 
pockets of different size on 100% Japanese wool coats and 
no-lapel jackets - among them a pair of high-collared zipped 
coat and jacket with an ”extra high collar to keep the wind 
at bay with split seam detail along the back designed 
with long hair or ponytails in mind” Lee declares on the
label's official fb page through which the gifted designer make 
us acquainted with his monochromatic, flawless universe.

all images © by Nikki Seung-hee Lee,
a.d. by Sunny Cha and Tyler Brown

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