Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Chanel Cruise in Dubai

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld in Dubai, photo © by Olivier Saillant
A huge leap in putting Dubai (and why not, its unquenchable
thirst for luxury) on the world's fashion map happened just a
few hours ago on a private artificial island off the Jumeirah
coastline called Al M. Woszek Rap where the first ever Chanel
fashion show took place gathering international media, local
fashionistas and selected celebrities (including one of my
fave style icons, Scottish actress Tilda Swinton).

The historic Parisian Maison came to showcase the latest
Cruise 2014-15 collection: the Cruise presentation is the
iconic brand's annual event wandering each May through
the world's most glamorous cities and today Chanel brought
it to Dubai. "In addition to be a key hub for our fashion
business in the Middle East, Dubai was chosen because it 

 inspires travel and evokes the true spirit of Cruise” Bruno
Pavlosvsky, Chanel's fashion activities President declared,
adding that ”the show will feed the public's 
imagination around our brand.”

I was pleasantly surprised by a picture of legendary designer
and photographer, Chanel's creative director Karl Lagerfeld,
holding a flag on a sunny beach that instinctively made me think
to Pablo Picasso carrying an umbrella to shade Françoise Gilot
in Robert Capa's famed image. As expected, the double-C
brand's design team went for gold drawing inspiration from
Dubai's gold souks and its unique skyline sending down the
island's sandy runway models wrapped in woven gold suits,
floaty harem pants, flowing black tunics partly inspired by abayas
layered over leggings and diaphanous dresses plenty of influences
from the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region such as kaftans
and babouches and even Chanel's signature quilted bag comes
shaped as a gas tank (actually more a hint to Abu Dhabi than
Dubai). Gorgeously unique, like both Chanel and Dubai.

images 2 > 11 © by Karl Lagerfeld for the collection's press kit
> backstage and details © by Olivier Saillant <

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