Monday, 14 April 2014

style takes the floor

Bolon, the international design company supplying flooring
to the contract market, was founded 65 years ago in
Stockholm when Nils-Erik Eklund had an idea ahead of
his time turning textile waste into rag rugs. Run nowadays
by Eklund's third generation Marie and Annica, the Swedish
flooring brand became under their direction, a design-led
company able to combine ”the conservative, traditional
flooring branch with the boundless creativity of the 
world of fashion” as they proudly declare.

With every new collection, our passion and commitment to
break down the traditional barriers in our industry remains
unweavering. For us, floors are much more than something to 

walk on. They're a palette of unlimited possibilities, a gorgeous 
blend of rock 'n' roll, design, fashion and architecture...” Bolon's 
statement reads. The journey from customary flooring to design
house began in 2003 when Annica and Marie took over the
family business soon discovering that Giorgio Armani 
was using Bolon's products!

> images Altewai.Saome 1 > 5, photo © by Viktor Flumé <
Bolon reached a significant goal in product evolution three
years later introducing the elliptic yarn and started developing
its own platiciser which is entirely based on renewable raw
plant sources but Bolon is becoming to be hailed as a milestone
in experimental fashion by collaborating with designers like
Missoni and Paul Smith. Recently, Bolon teamed up with
Alteway.Saome, the Malmö-based design duo made by
Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome (actually one of my fave
Nordic labels - check this and previous posts) who created
four handmade garments out of the bold flooring patterns.

It's getting me floored how versatile these woven vinyl textiles
are, Alteway Saome came to cut and sew them by hand and
were capable of creating volumes and shapes for stunning
showpieces in their signature style. The design collaboration
between Bolon and Alteway Saome will be developed further
in the upcoming months through a numbered edition of a
special carpet based on the Malmö duo's looks but Bolon
is currently on display in Milan in the exhibition called 'Bolon
Variations - From Material To Product' where the all-purpose
products of the Swedish brand have been used by the students
of the Istituto Marangoni to create gorgeous prototypes and
accessories such as bags, raincoats and shoes.
Resourcefully inspirational!

> images  Istituto Marangoni 6, 7, 8 via <

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