Saturday, 19 April 2014

scouring NYC for eggs

Monica Pirovano, 'Untitled'
Let's celebrate Easter once again with the famous Fabergé
Big Egg Hunt, ”a public art display featuring an interactive
contest designed to raise awareness and funds for charity.”

Benjamin Shine, 'All-Ways New York'
Franklyn Project for Bleecker St. Arts Club, 'Green Eggs and Ham'
Two years ago London was quite generous with the FBEH
that came to raise over $ 1.5 million in the record-breaking
edition. This year, over 260 large egg sculptures have been
designed by international artists, graphic and industrial designers,
architects and brands to raise money for children in New York
through the 'Studio in a School' project which brings visual arts
to the city's public schools and conservation efforts through
Elephant Family saving the endangered Asian 
elephant and its habitat.

Sarah Flint, 'Origami Egg'
Emma Clegg, 'B'
After  the two week hunt, all the eggs are nesting together at
the Rockfeller Centre™ exhibition waiting for next Tuesday's
live auction (while the online auction via Paddle8 is already
. A colorful parade of one-off artworks for all tastes and
made of different materials: from iconic NYC street signs to
origami-like manipulated suede as well as varnished wood,
metal, marble, porcelain and fiberglass. The charitable event
is quite a unique eggsperience, one of the best Easter 
has to offer. Happy Easter weekend!

Morphos, 'Untitled'
> all images from 'The Big Egg Hunt' website <

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