Tuesday, 8 April 2014

FOMI's enlightening lesson

Ms. Afomia Tesfaye is the former PR executive (without
formal design training though with experience at top
fashion publications)
who showed beyond doubt how
fashion houses can ethically produce high-end goods
in Africa without compromising on quality and expertise:
three years ago she decided to leave L.A. to fly back
to her native country, Ethiopia, to develop a collection
of contemporary leather handbags, footwear and
accessories which are totally fair trade made 
in her mother country.

Ethiopia is not only the oldest independent country
in Africa yet one of the world's producers of fine
leather, so she started sourcing local materials
and craftsmen, exploiting her fashion taste and
the design skills she cultivated since girlhood when
she widely traveled as a diplomat's daughter.
Afomia brought into being 'FOMI', a colorful, elegant
collection of finest quality leather purses, clutches
and shoulder bags, gorgeous footwear and fancy
laptop cases with a contemporary appeal, 
trendy shades and sporty hints.

Let me voice my admiration for the UCLA literature
graduate turned into a designer of upscale fashion
accessories, I dare say a designer with a cause and
I really appreciate both her sophisticated style and
her life lesson: that means seeing fashion not 
as it is but as it should be.

> all images © by 'FOMI', from the designer's tumblr <

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