Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dagda's free-thinking outlook

Focused on top quality wool and refined embroidery,
London-based emerging label 'Dagda' creates wearable
art for both men and women in a surreal, ironic style
without peer. Launched two years ago by a collective
of three designers, Polimoda-educated Thomas Derbyshire,
Luca Niccolini and Claudia Ceccantini who left Florence to
London soon after graduation and grown in pick-me-up
Brick Lane, 'Dagda' quickly made waves through frisky
handcrafted pieces inspired by mythological figures.

'Dagda' - the name comes from the God-father-figure of
Celtic culture protecting the clan - shows its unique approach 
collection after collection together with the unrestricted
freedom to explore shapes and materials skillfully playing
with proportions, colors, layers and patterns. 'Dagda'
unveiled the fall-winter 2014-15 womenswear collection
through gorgeous images which were amazingly 
created by a bunch of young gifted artists.

The stunning colorful pictures were taken by 20-something
Eleanor Hardwick, freelance photographer and multidisciplinary
artist from Oxfordshire - actually Tavi Gevison's Rookie magazine 
staff photographer, a real virtuoso who also illustrates, writes
reviews or DIY tutorials, curates playlists and makes comics
and videos - who teamed up with visual artist Ben Giles
with his lively surreal illustration style and hair and make-up
artist Ammy Drammeh in creating an unearthly young woman
lost in time, not in meaning, subtly highlighting 
Dagda's textures, details, fabric combinations 
but most of all its independent spirit.

> all images © by Eleanor Hardwick, styled by DAGDA <

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