Saturday, 22 March 2014

turning rags into works of art

La fille à la balançoire
Let this long week come to an end with a flourish
thanks to the awe-inspiring works by Caroll Bertin,
a self taught French textile artist who turns as if
by magic old shabby clothes and fabrics into childish,
humorous soft sculptures, art dolls or strange 
figures with a strong aesthetic sense.

L'échappée belle

Bateau de plaisance
Salle d'attente
Albert & quelques autres
The childlike simplicity of her sewed artworks subtly
recalling a bygone era when life was easier and
placid, makes her easily associated with Naïve art
yet she's quite modern and extremely personal in
turning recycled textiles, frayed old sweaters but
also shoes, bags, jumpers and trousers into easily
understandable storytelling works, fine characters
of an idealized world able to warm our brittle hearts.

Jeune fille en fleur
La corde à sauter
Nuit étoilée
Au fil de l'eau
La vie en rose
all artworks © by Caroll Bertin

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  1. I have just discovered your work and I must say I think it is MARVELLOUS!!! I'm a new follower, and will be coming back to see all your prev posts. Your work is so wonderfully different!!!