Monday, 31 March 2014

tender monstrology

”Don't be afraid to fall down into the water, to sink
slowly into the seabed. Perhaps, there you will see
a light and find the entryway to a new world. Perhaps
your skin will turn into the bark of a tree, and you will
become invisible, one with the woodlands, so evil
spirits pass you by unnoticed...”

Don't get fooled by the incipit, this story has nothing
to do with Alice in Wonderland or Where the Wild
Things Are, it's the opening to 'Monstrology', the fairy
tale-inspired story/collection by Les', the label created
by Moscow-based young illustrator and designer 
Lesia Paramonova who caught my eyes ever since her 
debut collection (here) with its 'nature to wear' 
inception and its own peculiar mood.

”...You run through the mossy field like a black-eyed
roe deer. You run so rapidly that your legs are caught
by the wind. It lifts you into the air, and all the sounds
become a single hum. Six faithful keepers accompany
you. They are the guardians of this forest, the guides
of your soul” the narrative goes on suddenly getting 
us acquainted with its fabulous mentors.

Les' (which stands both as a diminutive of Lesia and
the Russian word for forest)
has been conceived like
a parallel world, as an invitation to look at ordinary
things from a different point of view deftly exploring
our interaction with nature through stylish garments
representing the access key to its mystical world.
'Monstrology' is about the transformation of six monster 
birds whose unusual features such as their furry spots
 became embroideries that are skillfully juxtaposed with
her signature delicate yet powerful floral prints. 
The collection looks like a compendium of 
Les' otherworldly, unique aesthetic.

> all images © by Alina Valitova <

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