Monday, 17 March 2014

she used to love me a lot

...I sat down beside her and she smiled
She said where have you been it's been awhile
She was glad to see me
I could almost read her thoughts
She used to love me a lot...

Johnny Cash, 'She Used To Love Me A Lot'

I was listening to this song from the lost 1980s Nashville
sessions by Johnny Cash, a ballad which is set to be finally
released on record next week while staring at the stunning
pictures of 'Luna' - the latest performance involving dance,
music, video, light, rain, snow, balloons and audience
participation by Seattle based choreographer and dancer
Anna Conner and her fellow associates - and they seem to 
work well together in expressing the mixed blessing of love.

Born in L.A., Anna is a graduate of Cornish College of the
Arts with a BA in dance who teamed up with performers
Julia Cross, Autumn Tselios and Kaitlyn Jane Dye in
'Anna Conner + Co' creating ”art that is honest, intimate
and speaks to the human psyche. We do this while striving
to guide and empower the audience through an artistic yet
sometimes unpleasant journey. The goal is to arrive at a
deeper awareness of ourselves and an awareness of the world 
that surrounds us...” the movement artists' statement reads.

As performers our tools are our bodies, our movement is
beautiful and our power lies in taking risks. Our creative
process involves improvisation, collaboration, research,
discussion and reflection, We are interested in showing
how we view the world. It can be a dark, heavy and delicate
place.” Their latest work, 'Luna', will be premiered in Seattle
next Friday at the Velocity Dance Center introducing their
equally ”dark and delicately violent work that illuminates
the individual roles we play in our societies. Are we followers
or leaders? The audience gets to decide this for themselves”

Anna revealed as well as some gorgeous shots by Berlin-born
young photographer April Staso who's currently studying
commercial photography at Seattle's Central Community
College in a triumph of dried flowers, rope, 
sheer fabrics and lace masks.

> all images © by April Staso <

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