Wednesday, 26 March 2014

punk rock anarchy in mint condition

Here comes a riveting collection that subtly evokes
the anarchic thrill of early British punk rock by mixing
its signature paraphernalia, namely circle-inscribed
capital 'A' letters, black leather, studs and safety pins,
with soft volumes and drapings in wearable feminine
dresses. The 'anarchy-in-the-UK' touch gives a 
brand new flavor to the creations of rising 
Japanese label 'Mintdesigns'.

Established in 2001 by the husband-and-wife design
duo made by Mr Hokuto Katsui - who studied at
Parsons School of Design in NYC before moving
to London where he graduated from Central Saint
Martins just like his wife, Ms Yagi Nao, who previously
studied Art Criticism at the Doshisha University - the
womenswear brand briskly made an 'arty' name for
itself through a strong use of color, abstract 
designs and traditional Japanese techniques.

'Mintdesigns' recently unveiled its latest, fast-paced
fall-winter 14/15 collection at Mercedes Benz Tokyo
fashion week. Called 'Anarchy', the collection combines
soft volumes and tailored shapes with gridded prints,
black leather jackets, massive polka dots and even
Scots with the zeal and daring of a trailblazer.
The label's typical use of showy colors looks subdued
at first with several monochrome outfits but it came
at the end with its range of coral and magenta, 
mint green, salmon pink and clear blue tones.

Patterns of stylized human figures (the label's hallmark)
and entwined safety pins decorate coats and dresses
while bright studs embellish cropped biker jackets worn
over flowing skirts with polka dots, checked trousers 
and thick-soled brogues, two more hints to 
the collection's punkish roots.

> all images © by Kanako Furune/Fashion Headline <

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