Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dori Tomcsanyi's ski lodge lifestyle

Hungarian designer Dori Tomcsanyi established
her namesake high-end womenswear label in 2010
and its urban sophisticated touch ”by using simple
yet unique and raw style and clean cut items made
of high quality materials”
as she states. Born in
Budapest, Dori studied at the MOME, the renowned
Moholy-Nagy Univesity, as well as in Paris where
she attended the Ecole Supérieure 
des Arts Appliqués Duperré.

”The brand Dori Tomcsanyi creates uniqueness that
comes from the designer's personal perception and
interpretation of exceptional, yet one of a kind places
and persons. This uniqueness is implemented on
high quality, natural fabric” her website's statement
reads adding that ”nevertheless the minimalist cuts
and colors or the extraordinary fits, the goal is to
always create not only exciting looks, but also ones

 that are comfortable and feminine”.

”The minimalist silhouettes, clean lines and many
times ”oversized” looks describe Dori Tomcsanyi.
Each collection revolves around a chosen female
character, for example the cheeky, laid-back urban
girl for the s/s 2012 collection. That influences the
campaign photos, the lookbook, the website and
everything related to that specific collection”
, the
designer declares ”the atmosphere of each campaign
is light, positive, sometimes humorous, 
but never stern or too serious.”

Dori Tomcsanyi's latest collection, the AW 2014-15,
inspired by the skiing lifestyle of the 1960-70s which
is playfully reinterpreted through feminine sporty
outfits, has been showcased last week in Paris at the
Capsule Show, the fashion and lifestyle trade event
presenting ”a highly-edited assemblage of collections
reflecting the look of the current consumer”.

The collection's peppy mood juxtaposing bold and
pastel hues (with unforeseen touches of black) is
underlined by the forthcoming campaign whose
creative concept is signed by Zürich/Budapest-based
photographer and art director Mate Moro (another
Moholy-Nagy alumnus) and stylist Nora Gyenge who
teamed up with makeup artist Judit Kokeny and hair
stylist Norbert Kozma to create in-studio images as
clean as the garments in unusual poses and points
of view. An invigorating breath of fresh air.

> all images © by Mate Moro, style by Nora Gyenge <

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