Thursday, 6 March 2014

alien cartoon characters

Last summer I declared myself eager to see the
next collection by Senegalese eccentric designer
Selly Raby Kane because she's able to take my
breath away with her cultured irony a collection
after the other. Her free-spirited urban style is fully
expressed by her own RTW label 'Seraka' or simply
SRK which is known for a peculiar Afro pop style
that skillfully mixes tribal motifs and creative patterns.

> all pink background pictures © by Jean-Baptiste Joire <
Probably Dakar's brightest rising star, Selly is always
keeping a sharp lookout for new suggestions fed by
street art, music and cartoons, so it's little wonder
that she called her latest fall-winter 2014 collection
'Alien Cartoon' that stands as ”a reflection on an
invaded African city, where naive and fantastic
creatures would evolve among human beings”

she states introducing her heterogeneous array.

SRK's signature fun and colorful pieces mixing
artistic influences as well as styles and textiles
maintain all their beyond-trend freshness in spite
of being less structured and experimental than
before. Selly keeps on exploring the other side
of fashion on her own by mixing or juxtaposing
patterns and materials in vivid multifarious outfits:
once again she strikes the right chord with 
her sassy frame of mind.

> all gray background pictures © by Omar Victor Diop <

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