Wednesday, 26 February 2014

wrapped in textile daydreams

The periodically recurrent Afro-ethnic trend takes a
fresh new look through the curious melting pot of
patterns and shapes created by Christa van der Meer,
the young Dutch fashion designer who graduated last
year from the fashion dept. of the Royal Academy of Art
(or KABK) in The Hague after interning at Henrik Vibskov
in Copenaghen and A. Berg (by Sara Lundberg) in Berlin
and studying in a school exchange program at 

Investigating the relation between her love for portraits
and passion for clothing design, Christa came with a
remarkable graduate collection joining the two establi-
shing a distinctive nomadic identity by mixing disparate
elements of different cultures. ”I approached my silhouettes
as if they were portraits and my materials were to frame
the face” she declared revealing how drawing is essential
for her designing. Christa's unabashed illustration style
mixing photos and detailed fabrics designs, provides a
new brash, vibrant flavor both visually and emotionally.

Her multicultural wrapping looks suggest a street tribe
crossover aesthetic through exotic prints that skillfully
blend patterns and motifs: a collection which is plenty
of fresh ideas and offbeat experimentations in a constant
play of padded volumes, rounded or boxy, subtly highlighted
by the images of fellow KABK's graduate Lisandro Suriel,
a photographer/visual artist who shares with Christa 
a penchant for surreal and reverie.

all studio images © by Lisandro Suriel
all catwalk pictures © by Ron Stam

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