Friday, 7 February 2014

the 'Decay Elite' of flowers

Still from Amsterdam where David Laport made his
catwalk debut at Mercedes-Benz fashion week
Amsterdam FW 2014 supported by Vodafone Firsts
Fashion Lab. The gifted young Dutch designer whose
graduate collection, singularly inspired by the concept
of discomfort, made waves thanks to remarkable
sheer plissé outfits (here), takes a step forward.

Graduated in 2012 from the Koninklijke Academie van
Beeldende Kunsten
, the Royal Academy of Art, in 
The Hague, Laport showcased a fresh fall/winter 2014 
capsule collection called 'Decay Elite' where his signature
diaphanous structured pleats inspired by flowers - in full 
bloom or withering away - are paired with skirts and
pants in a sunny palette of white, yellow, orange 
and red that looks like a hymn to the colors of 
world-famous Dutch floriculture. 

A florist in his youth, David fully knows flowers and ably
managed to reproduce their different stages of life through
silhouettes evoking the budding, the blooming and the
falling into decay working on his own organza, nylon and
technical materials to create layered skirts and plissé
tops often decorated with flowers demonstrating the 
steady flowering of his talent.

> all pictures © by Carlijn Jacobs <

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