Monday, 10 February 2014

Nelli Kim's jacquard therapy

Nelli Kim is the ultimate London-based ace designer,
a young master of pattern making whose love for fashion
originates from the cultural diversity of half the world's
peoples, her considerable knowledge of their history
and heritage, as well as cherished memories from her
childhood when she was always dressed ”in the most
beautiful outfits made by my mother.”

”Born in Moscow, in post-Soviet era, I had always been
surrounded by women with great craftsmanship skills
and elegance. Since my early childhood I have been
thrilled by pattern cutting, technicality and tailoring.
I am also touched by the memories of mother sewing,
making notches by hand and crackles of the fine wool
clothing cut by huge iron sheers touching the floor.”

”Since young age, I loved travelling and visiting different
countries (...) travelling has always given me new breath
of ideas as well as huge passion for art, different cultures,
history and developed my aesthetic and taste...”
she introduces herself and her distinctive approach 
which dares to reinvent traditional knitting 
techniques with contemporary cut.

”Development of exclusive machine knit as well as
creative pattern cutting, 3D thinking by independent studying
of Japanese cut and creating consequent transformations
from personal experiments were the main subjects and
purposes of the MA projects.” Nelli received her MA in
fashion design technology from London College of Fashion
with a gorgeous RTW fall/winter 14 final collection that's a
”combination of fully fashion fine knit and cut & sew patterns
of unique jacquards and wool and jersey (...) six prêt-à-porter
looks balanced collection with 'Italian factory finish'...”

Fine knitted pieces that at first glance made me think
to a futurist, architectural Missoni, are paired with
fancy layered outfits and soft woolen dresses with
ruffled sleeves and collars worn over greenhouse
inspired jacquard pants and tights and dark leather
sabots with stunning orange tinted translucent heels.
Nelli Kim's jacquard therapy is quite 
a cut above the rest!

> all images © by Catharina Pavitschitz <

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