Saturday, 1 February 2014

Mai-Gidah's summer frost

Life's quite strange, here comes the second post in a
row about a SASK's graduate - the Stedelijke Academie
voor Schone Kunsten in Sint Niklaas, Belgium - but
while TVDB's work is a veritable explosion of colors
and energy throgh gender-neutral outfits, now it's time
for classic shapes and almost monochromatic pieces
for both men and women thanks to an untiring advocate
of elegance, designer Alec Ali Abdulrahim.

Born in Ghana, educated in Sint Niklaas and based in
London, Alec Ali aims at finding a balance between the
classic and the contemporary while merging them.
”I want to place old accepted ways of dressing men
next to less traditional ways of dressing the modern 

 man” his artistic statement reads, so he's constantly
looking for new ways of cutting old patterns.

Abdulrahim established his own menswear label,
'Mai-Gidah', soon after graduating, briskly developing
a sartorial approach marked by a distinctive simplicity
and high craftsmanship. His journey from Accra to
London - via Italy, Netherlands and Belgium - enables
the young designer's aesthetic to be influenced by
European art history and classic tailoring.

Mai-Gidah's first ever s/s collection, amusingly called
'Summer Frost', shows tailored, almost white (except
for some leather inserts)
garments; true statement
pieces for the season to come. ”I like dramatic shapes”,
he declares, ”shapes that still echo classic gentleman
style but in a modern way. Almost futuristic.”

While researching for 'Summer Frost', Alec stumbled
across a 16th century's painting of a wealthy influential 
gentleman and a dainty floral jaquard textile that quickly 
captured his mood inspiring the white-washed collection.
”Menswear is pretty basic, so I try to push the boundaries 
without getting too extravagant” he says ”I don't want to
manufacture mass-produced clothes. I want people to
reminisce when they see my work, I want to 

evoke anemotion” and he certainly does!

> all images © by Ben Cannon, styled by Thomas Sels <

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