Sunday, 23 February 2014

Irish roots 'n' Celtic knots

Derek Lawlor is a renowned designer whose sculptural
jewelry pieces denote a perfect knowledge of forms
and materials pushing the boundary of knitwear with
his couture range artworks ”...demonstrating his artisan
approach and commitment to visionary design”
as he introduces himself.

A Central Saint Martins alumnus, Derek launched his
career with his acclaimed 2009 MA collection revealing
”his trademark cord working technique, in which wax cord
is applied to knit in integrated patterns, resulting in 

spectacularly graphic sculptural effects which transform 
the silhouette of the garment.”

Lawlor's latest collections represent a step ahead in his
ongoing exploration of the medium, his signature structured
cord working takes new life through fabric manipulation and
bold shades: the London-based designer of Irish descent
reinterprets the traditional Celtic knot design in his AW14
collection of gorgeous macramé neckpieces with intricate
repetitive looped design that can be luckily seen until the
27th February at 'The Barbara Stanley Gallery' - the only
London gallery to solely represent contemporary Irish
art - as part of 'RIAN A Journey Through Irish Jewellery
and Accessories' exhibition curated by Gemma Williams
in partnership with the Ambasàid na hÉireann
The Embassy of Ireland. I'd break my neck to be there!

> all images © by James Hazlett-Beard <

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