Friday, 21 February 2014

heritage meets innovation

If not a historic London mansion, what else could be
expected to host the new collection of a label on the
threshold of 200 years? Pringle of Scotland, the iconic
brand established in 1815 at the birthplace of the Scottish
knitwear industry, has always been driven by technical
innovation in the creation of knitwear as outerwear,
knitting cashmere since the 1870s when it began as
a luxury hosiery manufacturer. Credited with creating
the intarsia design universally known as the Pringle
signature argyle pattern, PoS became a classic 
British style icon.

That's why Pringle introduced the new season with an
intimate presentation show at Savile House, the legendary
gents' club founded in London in 1868 ”by a group of the
most distinguished writers and artists of the time. Its home
is a fine 18th Century house in the heart of Mayfair, whose
air of elegant exclusivity reflects the uniquely creative
ambiance which is preserved in the Savile Club of today”
the Club's website appropriately informs.

PoS chief designer Massimo Nicosia experimented with
3-D printing and textile engineering pushing the limits of
knitwear and fabric development working side by side
with material scientist and architect Richard Beckett who 
applied his cross-disciplinary body of knowledge to
twinsets and melton coats. 3-D printed outfits have
previously appeared in haute couture collections, yet
PoS proudly claims that they're the first to bring this
technology in ready-to-wear.

”I wanted to explore a move away from the more sculptural
costume approach of such pieces
- Massimo Nicosia
declares referring to the haute couture printed pieces -
towards a more material, haptic-based approach.” 
PoS fall-winter 2014-15 collection incorporates laser-sintered
nylon fabric that's initially printed and then handwoven
into the knitwear through small hooks on the underside
or stitched on top of the wool acheiving striking knitted-in
or pop-up effects that can hardly be described by pictures.

Plushy looks with easy elegant silhouettes in which minimal 
sporty knit dresses go hand in hand with graphic 3-D bouclé 
and jacquard pieces: loose deconstructed sweaters, sheath
dresses, collarless coats, sleeveless tops, pullovers and
cardigans are adorned with slats of tiny diamonds, matte
sequins and 3-D argyle patterns. To the future and beyond.

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