Monday, 17 February 2014

cats take pride of place in our lives

Let's celebrate today cat's pride day with a gorgeous
selfie taken by a young male cat I was familiar with until
he ran away from my friend's house. 'Ciccio', Italian for
'Fattie', was - I wish I could say he is - a good-humored
cat with expressive eyes, lively opals subtly different
in shades ”windows enabling us to see into another
world” as an old Irish saying goes, whose upper lips
often swelled up giving him a curious human expression.

'Ciccio' has gone missing last October and I sincerely
hope he has found a new home but even if he chose
to live on the streets there's thankfully a lot of places
where stray cats are fed and taken care of here in
Tuscany: we do have our flaws, yet we pride 
ourselves on loving pets as they deserve.

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