Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cano's techno-baroque couture

Technology is probably more 'in' than fashion
nowadays yet it's more and more involved in
it driving tomorrow's garment design and
manufacturing process providing fresh blood
in terms of ideas and solutions once impossible
to acheive. Creativity and innovation merged at
the Samsung EGO 'Innovation Project', a contest
created during the last edition of Mercedes-Benz
fashion week Madrid to promote Spanish young designers.

Renewing its committment to new design values,
EGO sees fashion as the equipoise of creativity,
innovation, functionality and technology founding
in Andalusian gifted designer Leandro Cano Luque
the world-beater. Leandro took my breath away
ever since his 'Buffet' graduate collection (here)
followed by the sumptuously romantic 'Anima'
(here) but the 6-piece collection he showcased
today in Madrid bears groundbreaking features.

Leandro called his latest collection '0.83°' referring
to the every hour decreasing of post-mortem body
temperature to epitomize the creation of ”a series
of dresses that are inert in principle and come alive 

 through technology” he declares introducing his own
take on hypothermia that's stunning as I expected
it to be. '0.83°' is all played around the duality of life
and death, natural and artificial through volume and
color, traditional techniques and newfangled advances
developed with  Ricardo O' Nascimento, Laura Duncker
and Marta Verde Baqueiro such as the tiny ventilation
device allowing feathers to hover inside a transparent
plastic gown or the winding sleeves moving to the
rhythm of the wearer's heartbeat. Simply astounding!

Cano gives birth to a sort of living still life skillfully
combining his baroque-influenced couture aesthetic
with innovative mechanisms providing movements
reminiscent of breath and heartbeat. His signature
hourglass shapes are paired with an embroidered
leather bodice, a translucent cape or a metallic jumpsuit
with latex and wool appliqués in a gorgeous parade
of his trendsetting style: Leandro is just a 
heartbeat away from stardom.

> all images via Vogue Spain, unmentioned photographer <

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