Saturday, 8 February 2014

bride-to-be beauty

Middle East women are certainly amongst the most
beautiful in the world: their natural charm, made of inky
hair, dark brown almond eyes and gorgeous complexion
are synonym of dignified beauty. Browsing through the
latest online news I was suddenly captured by the alluring
images of Palestinian brides wearing traditional keffiiyehs
and embroidered dresses during a mass wedding ceremony
organized by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
at a beach in Gaza City.

> both images © by Mohammed Saber/EPA <
I personally know how open-minded Muslim women
can be despite popular Western misconceptions and
we must keep in mind that they cover their head by
choice, to have identity and selfhood, showing others
they're valued for their intellect and character and
not as objects to be leered at. Anyway their beauty
is plain to see in the graceful images taken by gifted
photographer Mohammed Saber, EPA staff member
covering the Gaza Strip. Elegant, beautiful young
ladies who dare to pursue their own joyfulness and
hope for the future even in hard-living conditions.

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