Wednesday, 19 February 2014

alien spooky flamboyance

Leyre Valiente is another Spanish accomplished
talent, actually a prominent member of European
next generation designers who made a name for
herself by molding leather like no one else creating
corset-like structured bodkins in her own couturesque way.

It's small wonder that she was selected by the EGO
platform by Ifema, Feria de Madrid, to showcase her
collections at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Madrid.
Her latest ”Nostromo” fall-winter 2014-15 collection
shows outfits for a starship's crew (the name comes
directly from the USCSS starfreighter of the 1979 cult
movie 'Alien') ”a collection of futuristic lines that inter-
twine with biological textures and comprising clothes 

 to wear from morning to night” Leyre declares 
introducing her third collection under EGO.

Models walked the runway like the movie's seven
crew members in an eerie landscape of Xeno eggs,
hibernation capsules and neon light tubes in their
asymmetric uniforms made of quilted jackets worn
over opaline layered skirts in techno organza and
neoprene-like fabrics; graphic sporty looks enhanced
by activewear glossy accessories while gorgeous
black cow leather pleated and embossed evening
dresses - fully conjuring up the designer's Chimaera
creations - epitomize the skin of the alien passenger.
Spooky flamboyance.

> all images via Vogue Spain, unmentioned photographer <

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