Thursday, 30 January 2014

TVDB's crazilicious safari

You're about to undertake a sort of garden-adventure,
an urban safari beyond the ordinary, color-soaked and
introspective where you can be... naked as a jaybird.
”A Naked Safari” is the rip-roaring collection by TVDB.

TVDB stands for Tom Van Der Borght, a young Belgian
designer living and working in Ghent, the capital of East
Flanders, where he studied at the Stedelijke Academie
Voor Schone Kunsten Sint Niklaas and soon after an
internship at Maureen De Clerq started developing his
idea of fashion by challenging conventional notions of
beauty: he proved to have both brains and guts to boldly
cross them while establishing his own standard of beauty.

As he points up - always talking about himself in the
third person - Tom ”is not in search of traditional beauty
or honey-sweet cutiness. Bold combinations of bright
colors, psychedelic graphics and textures make for a
true bombardment of the senses.”
TVDB is an idealist
who questions through his work the underpinning of
social structures and human behavior giving birth to
his own universe as the passionate daydreamer 
he actually is.

TVDB's AW 2014-15 ”A Naked Safari” collection is a
new landmark in Van Der Borght's personal universe,
he ”returns to the human side, the naked skin, the basic
needs and the core of home. Entering the safe zone
of his own domestic environment, he investigates the
hidden layers of restlessness, lust for adventure and
need for exploration”
moreover, ”his garments serve
as armor for strong superhumans in an urban setting”

(look at the oversized jacket covered with black-buttoned 
pockets that turns model Debbie Declerc into a posh
Ninja Turtle to grasp the assertion).

Colorblocking at its best through glossy, energetic basic
outfits with clashing elements like techno-tribal motifs
paired with prints of wild animals; digital knitting with
lasercutting; handmade pieces with striking 3-D printed
helmets and accessories. But ”A Naked Safari” isn't only
playful: a closer look to its vibrant looks reveals dark,
freaky and kinky features as well as a skilled combination
of industrial techniques and craftwork.

A true funkadelic collection for the next generation in
which street culture leads the way, where homewear
becomes utility wear: clothes for metropolitan tribes
coping day after day with the challenges of a harsh
environment but finally released from traditional canons
of clothing and gender and therefore noticeably jolly.
As Tom wittily recommends, ”please DO feed the
animals and let your wild side run free!”

all images © by Alexander Popelier/

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