Thursday, 2 January 2014

'thank you Saigon'

I'm not especially in the mood for fashion editorials,
yet I've just returned from an exciting stroll around
the city of Saigon through the pages of Đẹp mag,
the lifestyle magazine and biggest influence in Vietnam
specialized in fashion, beauty, culture and art that 
was launched back in 1999 and I can't wait 
to share my astonishment.

Đẹp, which means beautiful, briskly earned a reputation
also thanks to its fashion show and it proudly celebrates
its 15th anniversary this year with the gorgeous editorial
I've robbed for you to see. I sincerely hope that both
the Vietnamese designer Nguyen Cong Tri - actually ”a
self-taught fashion visionary” as aptly defined by 
Not Just A Label - and photographer An Le kindly bear
with me because I cut the original images yet I think
they may understand my desire to be closer to Tri's
colorful creations and their dazzling textures.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon, where
he graduated in fine arts from the local University, Tri
is wholeheartedly involved in pushing the boundaries of
his artistry: two months ago he put on display his seventh
solo catwalk show called 'N°7 - Thank you Saigon' paying
his tribute to the city that recognized his talent with a bunch
of fellow artists and friends through a bewildering array of
clothes combining black & white couture creations 
with these multicolored gowns.

An Le, a skilled lensman who declares to be inspired by
beauty and darkness, caught tall, gorgeous models in 
wondrous daily scenes surrounded by brightly colored
items on sale in markets and shops that stand as the
perfect counterpart to Tri's colorful textures made of road 
signs, newspaper clippings and lottery tickets. ”Saigon
to me is like a dress, not perfectly pretty, but big and
warm enough to cover any person who comes and wants
to stay”
he declared introducing his energetic take on
glamour. These colorful pictures describe the beauty of
Vietnam and the fresh new crop of talents the 
Southeast Asian country is host to.

> all images © by An Le for Đẹp magazine <

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