Wednesday, 22 January 2014

like a fairy in Toyland

Kiev-based photographer Tasya Kudryk signed a daydreaming
editorial for the Vienna/Berlin-based 'C-Heads' magazine that
”shows a snapshot of youth culture, bringing together only the 
most talented people” since 2006: a delicate reverie with
colorful silhouettes of animals and clothes by LES' label.

LES' stands for Lesia Paramonova, the Russian young designer
based in Moscow whose nature-inspired debut collection caught
my attention for its gorgeous floral prints (here). Lesia stays true
to her natural world with surreal and fairy-like prints plenty of
fantastic animals such as mice growing on blackberry bushes:
she turned as usual her own illustrations into dainty prints that
look like they've been directly designed on the fabric with a pencil.

concept & style by Lesia Paramonova
all images and collage © by Tasya Kudryk

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