Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I woke up gleaming

Let's get dazzled by the latest fluorescent creations of
renowned Bordeaux-born, East London-based hairstylist
and designer Charlie Le Mindu, a fashion celebrity whose
work achieved the status of 'haute coiffure'. Eccentricity
had always been his strong point with beautifully bizarre
haistyles, wigs and headpieces bearing unique features
as well as an uncompromising loyalty to tradition.

Le Mindu showcased his s/s 2014 ”Stronger” seapunk
collection at Paris Haute Couture a few days ago with
a gripping show: more a style dance party than a catwalk
where models wore wigs and headpieces gleaming with 
phosphorescence on black latex dresses by Berlin-based
'Très Bonjour' like mysterious denizens of the deep.

Gorgeous glimmering pieces that made me think to the
'new world transparent specimens' of Japanese artist
Iori Tomita who helps people feeling closer with the wonders
of life through glistening x-ray-like images. Refining forms
and coloration require time and perseverance for both
the designers: Le Mindu actually spent weeks working in
the dark to adjust the vivid neon hues of his otherworldly
creations that glimmer both under UV light and daylight
and I bet it wasn't a child play even for fashion and portrait
photographer Valerio Mezzanotti and fellow associate
Thibault Pradet to report on this pitch-dark runway show.

> all images © by Valerio Mezzanotti <

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