Wednesday, 15 January 2014

gorgeous cameos of style

Let me share the pleasure inspired by the fabulous
images of beautifully patterned pieces from the 'Grand
National' collection editorial by 'Cameo the Label', one
of Australia's up-and-coming fashion brands established
by Adelaide couple Dean and Melanie Flintoft of
'Australian Fashion Labels' back in 2010.

”Australian Fashion Labels is a shining light in Australia’s
fashion industry, creating labels that provide devotees with
a directional and affordable product that’s always ahead of
the curve” as they proudly declare introducing the company's
successful labels 'Finder Keepers', 'Cameo', 'Keepsake' and
the newborn 'Jagger'. ”Cameo is a new breed of design which
has developed cult status globally” thanks to a signature
aesthetic that embraces the latest trends through ”heavy
but touch-soft fabrics, direction prints and a polished finish.”

Katrhryn Forth, brand manager and head designer of Cameo,
draws on her roots and passion for art to create compelling
tailored garments inspired by organics and nature, namely
Down Under lush flora: ”every step of a garment's creation
involves directed artistic input, from the drawing stage to
blocking the pattern pieces, from developing the exclusive
fabrication to designing the prints or artwork to grace the fabric.
Styling a cameo Cameo garment is more than just complimen-
ting design, you are creating an overall look which reflects your
mood or evokes the persona you want to project for that day.”

> all images © by James Hartley <

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