Thursday, 23 January 2014

form & function in the raw

”Obscur is a return to innocence and purity, fused by raw
fabrics and the cleanest production treatments”
as Richard
Söderberg - founder, creative director and chief designer of
'Obscur'- declares introducing his experimental approach to
clothing design. Söderberg is a young Swedish designer
who's constantly developing his personal language through
constructed and almost monochrome garments bearing a
distinctive rough, Nordic aesthetic made of clean 
lines and high quality materials.

Always focused on the crafting side of clothing, Söderberg
made a name for himself thanks to Obscur's menswear line,
actually his forte since the label's beginnings, introducing
womens' collections only with the s/s 2012. Inspired by the
roughness of objects and ”essentially predisposed to liking
the distressed and the different”
as Nasty magazine wrote
about Söderberg, ”fashion for him is a genuine impulse
that comes from within, is torment, is fevered 
participation, is length, width, height and depth.”

”Influenced by the wave, goth, techno, he is devoted to Berlin
for its raw, pure musical scene...”
, Söderberg founded 'Obscur'
in Helsingborg soon crossing the Øresund to settle down in
Copenhagen for a year before moving to Berlin where his
atelier is currently based. The label's latest womenswear 
collection for s/s 2014 shows its signature garments reinter-
preting classic silhouettes through minimal, lightweight and
gorgeously accessorized outfits (oh, the shoes!) by way
of a false simplicity that skillfully mixes tailoring, active
style and technology bringing into being true avant-garde 
statements. Söderberg's clothing is more and more 
about form and function.

> all images © by Richard Söderberg <

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