Friday, 17 January 2014

'Equinoxe' in Berlin

Here they come again! Complementing their quintessential
totally black with nude tones, the French-German design duo
made by Odély Teboul and Annelie Augustin - better known as
'Augustin Teboul' - unveiled the label's latest collection a few
days ago at Mercedes-Benz Berlin fashion week making the
Galerie Judin's audience spellbound. The rising designers
know how to strike the right chord in our brittle hearts  
(it's little wonder that my latest post about 'em, 
'paint it, black', briskly became one of the most viewed).

Augustin Teboul's fall-winter collection is on its way to leave
a mark on next season: called 'Equinoxe' referencing the
eponymous album by French musician Jean Michel Jarre,
the collection - just like the record - reflects a day in the life of
a human being, from morning to night, showcasing tantalizing
outfits in a wide range of materials and combinations.
'Equinoxe' is the moment at which the sun crosses the celestial
equator, when day and night are equally long, and the collection
is skillfully played on the dualism between light and shadow
that subtly recalls the dichotomy between Augustin's 
cultured style and Teboul's fine craftsmanship.

The gifted designers are actually cooking with gas showing
a gorgeous parade of ensembles matching severe cuts with
futuristic hints, traditional weaving techniques with dainty
see-throughs to explore the polarity of transformation.
Models wearing necklace masks, sidecut hairstyles and glossy
red lips strut through the runway with billowing curtains as a
backdrop that highlighted the collection's otherworldliness to
cluster on white pedestals at the end of the show.

> all images © Dunja Antic <
I wasn't there yet I can almost feel their heartbeat: despite
the reduced color palette, 'Equinoxe' is awe-inspiring.
Tailored outfits in velvet, neoprene and black leather are
paired with flimsy dresses in silk and tulle; delicate transpa-
rencies and openworks with chunky knitted pieces, often
embellished with elaborate beaded appliqués, sequins
and embroideries as well as dazzling headpieces.
'Augustin Teboul' is putting its name on the 
fashion map, season after season.

image credits: Trevor Good, style by Niki Pauls

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