Monday, 27 January 2014

a field of monsters

'Field of Ponies' is the name of Julie Bérubé's latest fashion
project: born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where
she graduated from Lasalle College in 2000, Julie crossed
the Atlantic establishing her eponympus label in London,
showcasing her clothes at London fashion week and
selling them to independent boutiques.

The London-based young womenswear designer who came to 
declare that she was ”currently working on a small genderless
range of luxurious sweatshirts due to launch in early 2014”
now unveils her 'Field of Ponies' first collection for fall/winter
2014-15 called ”Monsters!!!”, a range of 8 ”insane” sweatshirts
and 2 trouser shapes whose ”aesthetic stems from a web-based
artistic project, in which the designer creates one pony a day,
using everyday materials found in her immediate environment.
Thus, homemade/crafty techniques have been developed to
offer a modern version of quilting, stuffing as well as hand and 

 machine embroidery” Julie declares introducing FoP's unisex
garments, adding that they're actually ”cut for men but 
girls can wear them too, as long as they dig it.”

Julie isn't particularly attracted by ponies, she simply became
fascinated with the expression used by 'The Apprentice' TV
show's contestant Stuart Baggs who announced to have a
field of ponies waiting to run towards the decision to kick him
out of the program; registered the name and a few years later
decided to start a daily project ”to put some ponies into 
that field” through an endless moodboard made of 
colorful inspirational images.

”Made from organic cotton mixed with fake fur, real human
hair, glow in the dark threads, reycled leftover materials and
other groomy trims”
, the capsule collection that has been
mainly inspired by Haitian carnival's characters, monster
figures usually created in haste with found materials,
thoroughly depicts FoP's approach to fashion: ”as a raw,
primitive and available form of self-expression”
as she states.
Needless to say, Julie designs also costumes for contemporary
dance and visual art projects with outfits providing a pillow-like
feel through the use of soft, comfortable materials following
reflections around modern nomadic behaviors. Every 
sweatshirt is proudly handmade in London while the visuals 
are crafted in Montreal.  Bérubé's monsters are 
a breed apart from the usual.

> all images © by Pier Alexandre Gagné, style by Julie Bérubé <

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