Thursday, 5 December 2013

Yojiro Kake, the designer as a storyteller

It's surprising that a gifted Japanese fashion designer
can come to live and work in a messed up country like
Italy: don't get me wrong, I love my native country and
I understand how our age-old craftsmanship in dress
tailoring and fabric manufacturing can attract talents
from abroad but those who dare to set up a business
in a country where uncertainty is the only certainty
are actually as rare as hen's teeth.

Nonetheless, there's a brave designer who did it:
Yojiro Kake. Born in Hyogo, Japan, he studied at
the Ueda Yasuko school of fashion in Osaka before
working as patternmaker and designer but he soon
realized he was in need to sharpen his skills abroad
”in order to rediscover and establish his own ideas, 
beliefs and creativity” so he left work moving to Italy
where he graduated from the Polimoda International
Institute of fashion design & marketing in Florence.

Based in the capital of Tuscany where all his collections
are produced, Yojiro debuted at the 'Polimodatalent'
event during Milano fashion week last year launching
his eponymous label a short while later. Kake's latest
s/s 2014 collection, inspired by the movie 'Life of Pi',
is a sort of travelogue in which nautical hints are
mixed with shapes and prints conveying an explicit
Eastern flavor. What I really dig is the way he tells his
'East meets West' story by combining minimal and
avant-garde triangle-shaped dresses subtly evoking
unfurled sails, bold and thin stripes making reference
to nautical uniform details and vividly printed fabrics
with exotic floral prints. Yojiro shows his prowess as
a budding designer and a true visual storyteller.

> all images © by Ruggero Lupo Mengoni <

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