Sunday, 29 December 2013

upside-down glamour

Let's get dazzled before the year comes to an end
with the stunning images from the December issue's
editorial of Schön! magazine called 'Fortune Cookie'.
Schön! was established in 2009 as an online mag
briskly becoming a deluxe glossy printed publication
which is currently based in London and distributed
in 43 countries although mainly focused on 
USA, Europe and UK.

Schön!'s creative team wittily advise to ”fasten your
seat-belts for this awe-inspiring editorial...” whose
mind-blowing pictures were taken by 'Pinch', nom de
plume of well versed Canadian photographer Martin
Tremblay, from Montreal, Quebec who ”...turns the
world on its head, playing with your minds and 
defying the laws of gravity as he does so.”

”A stroll through Chinatown becomes an adventurous
quest, where the laws of reason are twisted. Be careful
not to lose your mind when flicking through the full
editorial in our latest issue!” they warn readers.
'Fortune Cookie' comes from an excellent teamwork
highlighting the skills of all the artists involved.

Tremblay is credited with art direction and photography
(assisted by Guillaume Lépine) while 'PJ Concept', the
duo formed by Pascal & Jérémie, signed the styling
fully in accordance with their motto: ”Bring back the fun
in fashion” with pieces by Givenchy, D&G, Pink Tartan
and Marie Saint Pierre to name a few; but also make up
and hair artists fully deserve to be mentioned, 
in order Marie-Laure Larrieu & Joëlle Boucher 
and Geneva Cowen & Stéphane Legros. 

Das ist schön!

> all images © by Martin Tremblay, styled by Pascal & Jérémie
for Issue 23 of Schön! magazine <

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