Monday, 16 December 2013

see me, feel me, heal me

The world of fashion has always been the place of
unfailing experiments with new materials or to discover
new ways of transforming the existing ones, achieving
amazing and sometimes totally unexpected results.
Olivia Howick is a fashion design technology graduate
of London's College of Fashion specialized in embroidery
and embellishment ”with a passion for transforming
unexpected materials into luxurious fashion embellishment...”
who turned humble PVC hose pipes into gorgeous textures.

Olivia's womenswear graduate collection, called 'Medicate
Me' (that's why the title sprang up), ”...demonstrates the
collision of contemporary and traditional approach to
medicine, through the exploration of Native American
culture and scientific advances. The collection draws
upon a textile tradition and transforms it to demonstrate
a clinical aesthetic...”
she declares introducing 
her eye-catching, tactile outfits.

Olivia is an experienced illustrator making highly detailed
graphic works as well as a textile developer who gained
a considerable knowledge of embroidery interning with
Alexander McQueen, Leutton Postle and Erdem.
'Medicate Me' replicates the traditional craftsmanship
of embroidered ornamentation through colorful beadworks
made of dyed PVC tubing paired with amaya-stitchings
on screen printed fabric wisely accessorized with rubber
beach sandals and sunglasses (in collaboration with 
Sarah Jane Cook of Spangled, aka Sjstylee)
Let's get spangled, then medicated!

> all images © by Max Barnett <

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