Sunday, 15 December 2013

Protø3Dype creativity

Eugenia Alejos is a young Spanish fashion designer who's
probably best known for her illustration works and namely
the fabric collages she came to exhibit at home and abroad.
She's a multidisciplinary talent who's quite at ease with
different media also working as senior kids designer for The
National Geographic Society, as a stylist for Funnytastes
and as illustrator for international journals 
cleverly revealing her inbred creativity.

Based in Madrid where she graduated from the High School
of Fashion, Eugenia established her eponymous label ”always
working on the concept of three-dimensionality through 
new materials. Years of constant change, awkwardness and 
a curious search for human 3D and identity” she states.
A designer who loves to research before starting a project
looking for innovative techniques and materials; she came to
specialize in new fabric technologies in Portugal taking new
challenges to investigate the future of clothing.

Alejos' latest collection, smartly called ”Protø3Dype”, keeps
on exploring three-dimensional sculptural shapes in which 3-D
printing and laser-cutting on high density leather are the key
features: impressive garments and overgarments playing with
volumes and shapes that highlight her own futuristic vision.
She also designed the striking accessories complementing the 
avant-garde collection; white strapped shoes, handbags and
triangle-shaped jewels and eyeglasses showing her prowess
as an all-around designer. ¡Eugenia va a llegar muy lejos!

> all images © by Cristian di Stefano <

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